Even though using email messages is an effortless task, handling the mailboxes for a web site might be a tedious procedure. If you don’t use an easy to use user interface, just like ENSR.com’s E Mail Manager to enable you to get the job done. It comes with many different built–in worthwhile tools that will help execute complex jobs within a few mouse–clicks. Take a look at precisely what our E Mail Manager is capable of doing to suit your needs!

Anti–Spam Protection

Spam will be kept out of your mailboxes

We have created a custom anti–spam solution that uses well configured rules to sort the newly arriving messages. Depending on what type of spam messages you have, you are able to regulate the amount of defense. Still, be cautious when using the higher level of defense, since it might possibly filter important messages. You can even specify a different degree of spam protection for each and every mailbox you have.

All junk mail messages could be either removed or sent to a particular mailbox. You’re able to select which setup you like through the anti–spam protection tool’s software.

Hepsia File Manager

Email Forwarding

1–click redirection of emails

By using the Email forwarding tool, you’ll be able to redirect all the email messages mail addressed at a mailbox to another mailbox of your choice (either hosted inside the same website hosting account or some place else online).

To forward an email address, just select it from the drop–down list and then specify the e–mail address you’d like to have all forwarded messages to get sent to. After that, you are provided with the opportunity to choose whether or not you’ll need a copy of each message to be held in the mailbox you forward or not.

Hepsia File Manager

Email Filters

Set your mailbox in order

Using the E Mail Manager of your Web Site Control Panel, it is definitely very easy to set up various e–mail filters. Everything you need to execute is indicate the key words which will be applied to filter messages and precisely where the filter will look for them (subject, body, etc.) and then choose the steps which will be applied to the filtered e–mails.

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