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Unlimited Disk Space Unlimited 10GB 50 GB
1 Hosted Domain 6 Hosted Domains 1 Hosted Domains 10 Hosted Domains
100 E-mail accounts Unlimited E-mail accounts Unlimited E-mail accounts 100 E-mail accounts
5 MySQL Databases Unlimited MySQL Databases Unlimited MySQL Databases 100 MySQL Databases

Shared Services services from ENSR.com

Our mission isn’t merely to provide a decent web hosting service. Our goal will be to provide an exceptionally good shared services service that others can simply work with to help with making their own websites greater. We’ve devoted considerable time and energy in making an outstanding shared hosting platform including a handy Web Site Control Panel so as to remodel the daily web site administration tasks from a task to a delightful experience.

Cloud Hosting Services from ENSR.com

Website management made simple

The first thing we made the decision that what we needed to achieve is bring together web site administration and domain name operations. With the Web Site Control Panel, you can manage your domain names and websites from a single place, without resorting to extra billing panels. And then you no more need to be concerned about managing add–on domains – with the File Manager, you will handle numerous websites with no trouble. The very same will also apply to domain names – using the Domain Name Manager, it’s easy to work with a lot of unique domains together.

Choose your data center

At ENSR.com, it is easy to choose from USA Shared Hosting services within our datacenter in USA in Chicago, Illinois; United Kingdom Shared Hosting services within our datacenter in United Kingdom in Maidenhead – just a few miles outside London; Northern European shared hosting with our datacenter in Finland in Pori, Finland; Eastern European shared hosting with our datacenter in East Europe in Sofia, Bulgaria; and additionally Australia Shared Hosting solutions within our Datacenter In Australia, that’s conveniently located at the heart of Sydney, Australia. All data centers are truly state–of–the–art while having cooling and power capacities to support 10 times more hosting hardware than we have now. Furthermore, every single data center offers you outstanding connectivity options for your website. Plus hosting your site nearer to your audience will often increase your search engine rankings.

Risk–free hosting services

With the shared hosting platform, we manage both software and the hardware on our servers. This permits us to have an even more protected environment. And we can affirm for all our services – our shared services offers include a 99.9% server uptime guarantee. In our data centers our company offers a 99.9% network uptime guarantee. The customer assistance team can be reached 24/7, every day of the year. And in addition we answer back in just sixty minutes to all questions, it’s guaranteed.

And if you believe this is just not enough, we’re able to offer you all your money back within the first 1 month of your subscription.